Tennis players must constantly change the speed, direction, and height of their bodies—sometimes with every shot. If you want the power of Rafael Nadal or the athletic conditioning of Serena Williams, grab your TRX Suspension Trainer and start with these 5 TRX Training tennis tips from TRX Training Senior Master Trainer Matt Gleed. Gleed has even included common faults and fixes for each move.

TRX Front Squat
3 sets: 15 reps

Strap adjustment: Long

  • Stand facing away from the anchor, place straps under arms, bring handles to both sides of chest, and place bodyweight on the handles.
  • Walk back to 45-degree angle, open feet slightly wider than hips, and start on the balls of feet.
  • Drop into a squat and drive through the balls of feet back up to standing position.

Common fault: Supporting bodyweight with arms.
Fix: Keep core engaged and bodyweight on handles.
Common fault: Falling back on heels.
Fix: Stay on balls of feet; take a steeper angle.
TRX Power Pull
2 sets: 15 reps each side


Strap adjustment: Medium

  • Stand facing anchor, TRX in single hand mode. Hold onto handle and reach toward anchor with free hand, following main strap. Pull anchored arm back into high row, keeping weight in heels.
  • Drop free hand down and back. Eyes follow hand, rotating through core and maintaining body alignment.
  • Return to start position, focusing on rotational movement.

Common fault: Breaking at hips.
Fix: Keep body straight and chest lifted.
Common fault: Using rotational momentum to pull body up.
Fix: Pull shoulder down and back before bringing body up.
Common fault: Slack in TRX straps.
Fix: Maintain tension throughout movement.
TRX Crossing Balance Lunge
2 sets: 15 reps each side


Strap adjustment: Medium

  • Stand facing anchor, keep elbows under shoulders and palms facing each other.
  • Centre working leg to anchor point and move other leg back into lunge, dropping back knee straight down without touching foot to ground.
  • Drive up through front heel, returning back leg to starting position.

Common fault: Body falls forward.
Fix: Keep chest lifted and eyes to anchor.
Common fault: Reaching leg at a diagonal.
Fix: Drive leg toward opposite wall.
TRX Split Fly
2 sets: 15 reps each side

Strap adjustment: Medium

  • Stand facing anchor, holding handles with palms inwards at diagonal split angle: One high, one low.
  • Lean back slowly so that arms are extended with palms facing together, and there’s tension on straps.
  • Using arms, pull body back upright, with arms extended in split diagonal start position.

Common fault: Back bend.
Fix: Maintain body alignment with activated core.
TRX Hip Press
3 sets: 15 reps


Strap adjustment: Mid-calf

  • Sit facing anchor, place heels in foot cradles, and lie down with legs extended and feet directly below anchor point.
  • Drive heels into foot cradles, bring knees over hips to form 90-degree angle.
  • Press hips up toward ceiling and repeat.

Common fault: Knee comes out of alignment.
Fix: Keep knees stacked over hips in 90-degree angle.
Common fault: Hips drop at top of movement.
Fix: Drive heels down and life glutes to ceiling.
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