These 3 TRX Moves Are Exclusive To The Straps

The TRX Suspension Trainer is famous for adjusting exercises to meet you where you are—whether that means scaling back or leveling up—but did you know there are certain exercises you can only do with TRX straps? It’s true! Thanks to the unique combination of strength and balance challenges, these three TRX exercises can’t be replicated with any other type of equipment.


TRX Clock Press

Strap length: Mid-calf to Fully-lengthened

Position: Standing Facing Away

Movement: Think of this exercise as a hybrid between the TRX Chest Press and the TRX Fly: One arm will bend to 90-degrees as you lower yourself, while the other arm extends out to the side.

Why It’s Unique: First, the TRX Clock Press leverages your bodyweight to help you get stronger. Second, it’s easy to adjust the weight by moving backwards to add resistance, or forwards for less resistance.

Benefit: Challenge coordination and strength. While we usually think of a press or a fly as a chest and upper-body exercise, the TRX Clock Press adds in a stability and core challenge to the movement.


TRX Pike

Strap length: Mid-calf

Position: Ground Facing Away

Movement: Start in a TRX Plank, then lift your hips while maintaining control through  your shoulders, quads, and abs.

Why It’s Unique: Suspended core work adds a progression from bodyweight or Pilates equipment to improve stability and strength.

Benefit: Develop upper body mobility, test hamstring flexibility, and increase shoulder strength while targeting core strength and stability.


TRX Single-Leg Squat

Strap length: Fully-shortened 

Position: Stand Facing

Movement: A pistol squat for people who can’t do pistol squats. Hold your TRX handles and plant one foot. Either use your free foot as a kickstand, or float your free leg while you lower down and drive up on the planted leg.

Why It’s Unique: The support of the straps makes this ultra-challenging move more accessible, allowing you to develop strength through your full range. Use the straps to understand alignment, engagement, and build confidence.

Benefit: Work your full lower body strength range with support. Gradually use less support from the straps to transition to a full bodyweight pistol squat.

There are hundreds of reasons to love the TRX Suspension Trainer—it’s portable, affordable, durable, and adaptive, just to name a few—and these three TRX-exclusive moves are just a few more reasons to appreciate the most versatile fitness tool in the world.