FitDeck: TRX Suspension Trainer

Just when you thought that we could not make the TRX any more fun, we went and made a game out of it. We have partnered with FitDeck, the fitness deck of cards to help build a foundation of fitness by creating hundreds of basic workouts that are, simple, convenient and fun. Together we developed the FitDeck TRX Suspension Trainer. This deck of cards is specifically designed to challenge your exercise routine and keep it fresh and interesting.


This deck of 26 cards can be used on their own or combined with other FitDecks to maximize your possibilities. The simplest way to use the deck is to shuffle the deck, pull the top card, do the exercise and then work your way through the pile. But that is not the only way to use it. Check out FitDeck’s suggested games or come up with some of your own.


We at TRX have always been dedicated to making fitness challenging and fun and what better way than to make a game out of it!