5 TRX Bicep Workouts You Should Be Doing Daily

Think you need a full rack of weights for a serious upper body workout? Not so fast. Using just your bodyweight and your TRX Suspension Trainer, you can workout your delts, traps, pecs, biceps, triceps, and more. Whether you work out in a big box gym or a home gym, this workout will get leave your arms and shoulders shaking in the best way possible.

Bicep Curl

Start with your elbows bent higher than your shoulders, with your pinky fingers aligned to your temples. Next, walk your feet forward until you feel your biceps engage. Lower your body down and away (toward the floor) until your arms are straight, then pull your body back up.

Additional challenges: You can make a TRX bicep curl harder by walking your feet toward the anchor point, and bringing your feet closer together. If you want to increase your load even more, try an inverted bicep curl. For the inversion, start with your chest under the anchor point, your arms extended above your body, your feet flat, and your knees bent to 90 degrees (Tip: you’ll have to squeeze your glutes to keep your knees at the correct angle.)

Reverse Bicep Curl

Though the stance and angles for the Reverse Bicep Curl are very similar to the Bicep Curl, the grip is different. For this move, you should stand facing the anchor point with your palms facing down, so you can see the backs of your hands. Draw your knuckles toward your temples, then full extend your arms, and repeat. You’ll feel this exercise in both your biceps and your forearms.

Single Arm Bicep Curl


For this move, you’ll start standing sideways to your anchor point. Similar to the regular Bicep Curl, you’ll start with your elbow bent higher than your shoulder, and your pinky finger aligned to your temple, but, for this move, the working arm will be to the side of your body that is closer to the anchor point. (For a standard Bicep Curl, your arm is directly in front of your body.) Lower your body down and away (toward the floor) until the working arm is straight, then pull your body back up.