TRX Moves of the Week: Get up, Stand Up Part 3

In the final installment of this three-part TRX Moves of the Week series, TRX Master Instructor Chris Nentarz will guide you through an anti-sitting flow that will create mobility and add stability to give our bodies the balance they need. If you want a refresher, you can view Part 1 of the series here and Part 2 here. In this sequence, place your TRX Suspension Trainer at mid-length and begin facing away from the anchor point in an offset stance for our TRX Chest Stretch. Stay tall, have a proud chest, and establish your plank. From there, lean your sternum forward to open your chest. While maintaining the height of your head, settle into your back heel to create further length in the entire anterior chain, including your hip flexors.  Keep your chin tucked and add some mini neck circles to further enhance your mobility.   Next, face the anchor point for a Shoulder T stretch. Activating and strengthening the posterior scapular muscles will help you take advantage of the new mobility gained in your chest stretch. Keep an offset stance to allow your upper body to drive the movement. Again, think tall and proud as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Next is an offset hinge stretch, which is great for lengthening the posterior chain. Leverage the TRX Straps to keep your core active and rotate your extended leg to add more hip mobility and sciatic nerve flossing. Keep your spine tall and work towards a nice deep hip hinge.  After your offset hinge stretch, work into a TRX I Fly. This movement will build on the mobility you’ve gained and will reinforce strong and stable posture. Tips for this one include pulling your shoulders down and back while maintaining a straight back. Thanks for following along for this TRX Moves of the Week, three-part series, and be sure to tune in next week for more TRX moves! 

Chris Nentarz currently lives in Buffalo, NY, and has over 20 years’ experience as a Physical Therapist and movement coach.  Chris has been a part of the TRX Movement for 10 years and running and is proud to be a TRX Master Instructor.  His passion for helping people and his interest in all things movement shine through in his informative and effective sessions. Stay connected with Chris @cnentarz.