These Expert-Approved TRX Exercises Will Improve Your Ride

Performance in cycling goes way beyond the bike. Sure, it’s important to practice climbing and sprinting, but movement prep is also critical. The TRX Suspension Trainer™ and TRX Rocker can help.

Dan McDonogh, TRX Senior Master Instructor and International Fitness Presenter, has been coaching professional and recreational cyclists for decades, so he understands the building blocks of cycling performance. Dan recommends setting aside time for movement prep on the TRX Suspension Trainer before riding because the Suspension Trainer challenges your stability, activates your core, and engages your brain to fire up that mind-body connection. 

Listen to him explain more.

When warming up for a ride, Dan has five go-to TRX exercises to activate the core, open up the chest, and increase hip and ankle mobility—all elements that will transfer to the bike.

Watch Dan and TRX Training Club instructor Krystal Say demonstrate the TRX Forward Lunge + Hip Flexor Stretch, TRX Squat Row, TRX Forward Lunge + Chest Fly, TRX Side to Side Lunge + Wide Leg Hip Hinge, and TRX Overhead Squat.



Cyclists’ legs bear the brunt of the work during a ride, and myofascial release—a.k.a. foam rolling—helps relax the muscles and reduce inflammation. While you may think of rolling as a recovery practice, Dan recommends using a TRX Rocker or foam roller to prep for a ride as well. After all, tight calves restrict ankle mobility, which is pretty important on the bike.

Watch Dan demonstrate his favorite pre-ride releases: TRX Rocker Calf Release, Glute Release, Hip Flexor Release, and T-Spine Release.



Pre-cycling prep can help you ride longer, faster, and further, but it doesn’t require a trip to the gym. With a TRX Suspension Trainer™ and TRX Rocker, you can establish the positional competency you need and hop straight on your bike.

Not every cyclist will wear the yellow jersey, but the right prep can get you that much closer to the podium. 

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