Try Our 3 Favorite Weight Exercises With The TRX Suspension Trainer

TTC Trainer, Geoff Sullivan

The Suspension Trainer can give you the explosive full-body workout you’re looking for, but did you know that you can add extra weight to increase the resistance? Here are three of our favorite weighted exercises you can try with your Suspension Trainer today. 

TRX Single Hand Row and DB Press

If you’ve used the Suspension Trainer, then likely you’ve done a few rows but this variation will unlock some magic. The intensity of this version comes from denying the rotation that is trying to occur across your torso. The way we are all made up as humans has our fascial lines a little trippy to understand. Our right arm directly connects to our LEFT foot. Wait, what? Exactly! This combination of pulling and pushing allows us to work the right and left side of your torso simultaneously while stimulating the anterior and posterior (front & back) of it as well. Amazing return on investment for your time here!

 Fully Shortened, Single Handle Mode

Position: Stand Facing the anchor point.

Weight Position: Hold the weight in the Opposite hand of the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Start: With your breastbone directly in line with the anchor point, your feet hip width apart, one hand engaged on the TRX handle while the other is holding the weight.

Movement: Retract your shoulder blades back & down then walk towards your anchor point to choose the appropriate resistance/angle. Begin to lengthen your arm holding the TRX while leaving the weight securely against your opposite shoulder.

Return: Pull your handle towards your shoulder while simultaneously pressing the weight away from your body. Reach the peak of the press at the same time in while the handle is fully retracted to your side.

TRX Suspended Lunge w/ Contra-Lateral Resistance 

We are ALL athletes! Life is no joke and adding resistance to this already brilliant suspension training exercise will keep you a step ahead. The added resistance not only challenges the working leg to have to produce a higher amount of force and thus work more muscle, but it challenges pelvic control.

When you place the weight opposite the working leg, we invoke a response in our deep core muscle that is hard to mimic anywhere else. This forces us to truly control ourselves in 3-dimensional space. By building the balance, strength and stability it takes to execute this combination you’re allowing yourself to be prepared for all the things to come in life. While inside the gym you’ll see your performance skyrocket, especially for any exercises involving a lunge!

Adjustment: Mid Calf, Single Handle Mode

Position: Stand Facing Away from the anchor point.

Weight Position: Hold the weight in the Same hand of the leg that is suspended in the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Start: Place one foot in the foot cradle directly under the anchor point. Lower down to rest the suspended knee gently on the ground and pick up your weight.

Movement: Raise your body vertically by pressing down through the non-suspended foot while still applying force through the back leg into the TRX. Once you’re in a fully standing position focus on really contracting the hip opposite the TRX.

Return: Bend both knees to decend vertically. Keeping the non-suspended knee in line with your shoelaces while chest & shoulders remain over your hips. Always stay under tension by avoiding placing the suspended knee back on the ground completely.

TRX DB Plank Drag / Shoulder Taps

This. Is. Spicy! We all love the effectiveness of a TRX Plank. Lifting a hand up off the ground and controlling yourself with one less point of contact is an incredible challenge and such amazing core training (spinal column included here). The added challenge of the weight shift is REAL! Begin slowly and possibly not even a weight at all, your sweat towel is a great start. When you pick up this object or weight your changing where your center of mass IS and thus immediately challenge your core to adapt, FAST. As you built these into your program make sure that you are able to execute these almost perfectly (no to minimal movement in body and straps) before increasing in outside resistance.

Adjustment: Mid Calf

Position: Ground Facing Away from the anchor point.

Weight Position: Place the weight to the outside of your right width, in a plank position.

Start: Begin on your hands and knees, with your feet in cradles directly under the anchor point.  Shoulders stack over hands, hips over knees. Hands will be placed VERY narrow, thumbs and index fingers touching.

Movement: Press into a plank position. Lift the hand off the ground that is opposite the weight. Reach the free hand under your torso and engage the weight. Pick the weight up and move it under your torso to the same side of your engaged hand. Place the hand into the original plank position. Reestablish your plank and now lift your opposite hand off the ground. Reach under your torso to engage the weight and return it to it’s original starting position. 

Return:  Set the knees back on the ground and release the feet from the cradles. 

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All of the weighted exercises above will give you the intense workout you’ve been looking for. If you want to try out other movements involving weights and our Suspension Trainer, come try out the TRX Training Club and get 30 days free when you sign up!