TRX Anchoring Mistake

While ideally your TRX Suspension Trainer should be wrapped around an overhead anchor point several times for a strong, secure hold, we often get calls from people saying this isn’t possible in their gym or home, for whatever reason. For example, check out this anchoring “don’t” that was recently submitted to us (left, below). This configuration will lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your TRX straps, which could ultimately result in breakage, of either you or your TRX. So our dedicated Customer Service team has come up with a solution. They recommend wrapping the Suspension Anchor strap around the point of attachment at least twice (middle and right, below). This gives redundancy in the clipped anchor point, providing the safest anchoring while ensuring the equalizer loop is still approximately six feet off the ground. 

In instances like this, where the facility on the left has a higher than recommended anchor point, it’s best if you invest in a TRX Xtender to give you the extra length that will allow you to wrap the Suspension Anchor strap several times around your point of attachment for a strong, secure hold.

Have an anchoring dilemma? We’re here to help! Give our Customer Service team a call today at 888-878-5348 or you can email them at