TRX Mommy & Me Exercises

With all of the time, energy, and sleepless nights that go into caring for a new baby, workouts can sometimes fall by the wayside.  Rather than looking at exercise as time wasted away from baby and family, have your baby become part of the workout!  The benefits of babywearing are vast- including happier babies, better posture for parents carrying babies, and a marked decrease in post-partum depression.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is the ideal tool for babywearing workouts, not only to help unload some of the weight being carried, but also to help engage and strengthen the core – which most likely needs some care after pregnancy and childbirth!  And as you get stronger, baby will also be growing… a natural form of progressive overload!   Begin by finding a carrier that works for you and baby, make sure you are wearing it properly.  For more information on proper babywearing, visit the Babywearing International website at:         This video demonstrates three basic TRX exercises that can be done with baby, but there are hundreds more!  The key to these exercises is that the core remains tight at all times, especially with additional weight in the front or back of the body.  Also, for the safety of baby, avoid jumping, or angles steeper than 45 degrees.   

Exercise #1: TRX Squat With additional weight on the front or back of the body with baby, it is nice to have some assistance.  Holding onto the straps will also ensure you have proper posture throughout the entire range of motion.   Adjust the straps to mid length and stand facing the anchor point.  If baby is being worn in front, a slightly wider stance may be needed to avoid bumping into baby’s legs.  Keeping the shoulder blades down and back and eyes on the anchor point, sink your hips down toward the floor.  Engage your glutes, using the suspension trainer as much as you need, stand back up to the starting position. Exercise #2: TRX Low Row Carrying the carseat, rocking the baby, and breastfeeding wreak havoc on a mom’s posture.  Help counter the “hunch” with this simple exercise.   Fully shorten your suspension trainer and stand facing the anchor point.  Select an angle that is comfortable for you and baby (the steeper the angle, the harder the exercise) and begin with your hands at your ribcage with your shoulder blades engaged behind your back.  Slowly lower down, maintaining a perfect plank.  Keeping your shoulders down and back, pull yourself back to the starting position.   Exercise #3: TRX Chest Press This is a fantastic upper body exercise, but more importantly for mommy, a super one for core engagement.   Lengthen the straps to the fully lengthened position and begin by standing facing away from the anchor point.  For more stability and offset or wide stance can be taken.  Keeping the body in a straight plank position, bend the elbows and lower into the chest press.  Keeping the core and glutes fully engaged, drive through the handles to return to the starting plank.