Reap Your Rewards! Recovery and Self Soft Tissue Therapy

Chris Nentarz, PT, TRX Senior Master InstructorTRX Training

Whether on the field or in the game life, we deserve to reap the rewards of our hard work.  Yet, it has become commonplace to keep our engines revving high, racing to the next stop.  This adrenalized way of life leads to wear and tear on our bodies parts, mental exhaustion and burnout.  Adding recovery and regeneration techniques to our days is a simple, yet effective, way to help us, the drivers, and our engines, perform optimally.  

One powerful and accessible recovery technique is self soft tissue therapy.  Originating in Traditional Chinese Medicine, self soft tissue therapies have been in existence for over 2000 years.  Recent advances in science and technology have enforced the benefits of self massage while also making it accessible and comfortable to all.  Whether “rocking or rolling”, the science and benefits of self massage are clear.

Self massage is a powerful way to increase blood flow and circulation to our bodies tissues.  This means removal of waste products, improved delivery of nutrients and the hydration of our fascia.  The end product is improved tissue quality which helps us feel good and makes us more resilient to injury.  

Foam rolling also promotes local muscle relaxation, relieving tension that can build from training or after a long day.   Muscular tightness or trigger points cause pain, decrease muscle pliability and decrease our overall performance.  Even a short bout (3-5 minutes) of self soft tissue work has been proven to be safe and effective way to remove or reduce these tension.  This helps our tissues become more flexible while enhancing how we feel.

The benefits of foam rolling and rocking extend beyond the local area that is being treated.  Self soft tissue work promotes full body relaxation through downregulating the sympathetic (stress) system and upregulating the parasympathetic (rest) system.  This increases our bodies’ systemic regenerative processes, including improving hormone levels (decreasing cortisol) and enhancing sleep.  When it comes to wellbeing, we can not overlook the importance of our endocrine system and sleep.

You deserve to feel good.  Adding rocking and rolling to your day is a simple and effective way to refill your tank and improve your state of wellbeing.  Speeding through life can create unpleasant and unnecessary side effects including overuse injuries and burnout.  Stop speeding, enjoy the sights and tune your body by rocking and rolling your way to better recovery.

Refill your tank today with some of TRX Training Club’s Recovery Classes. We have everything from warm up stretches to cooldown routines to keep your muscles healthy after an intense workout.