TRX for Yoga: Crow Pose

The TRX Suspension Trainer provides an excellent way to scale, complement and improve your yoga practice. We’ve partnered with yoga and fitness instructor, and Under Armour athlete, Shauna Harrison to show you how to incorporate the straps into your yoga practice.

Arm balances like Crow can be difficult and intimidating at first, and the Suspension Trainer can really help you get comfortable balancing before you are totally on your own. Even if you already have an excellent Crow pose, this sequence will help you fine tune and further refine this beautiful position.

Progression One:
This progression is basically Crow with your feet in the TRX foot cradles, directly under the anchorpoint. Use this modification to get into Crow correctly and safely, so you can develop your strength and balance.

Progression Two:
With your feet still in the foot cradles, walk your hands away from the Suspension Trainer and practice drawing your knees to your triceps. This is an excellent way to work on using your core to control your balance.

Progression Three:
With your feet still in the foot cradles, walk your hands away from the Suspension Trainer. Practice drawing your knees to your triceps one at a time, then pushing them back in a slow and controlled motion. 

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