Advanced TRX Total Body Workout


Try this killer total body advanced TRX Suspension Trainer workout, full of tabata, core, arm, leg, and back exercises, to get you in awesome shape. As a follow-up to his “Predator” workout, personal trainer (and TRX torturer!) Chris Fales has created the Executioner, a punishing TRX workout that will test you, mentally and physically. Says Chris, “If you’re bold enough, take a trip down into the dungeon, hang a TRX Suspension Trainer and spend some time with…. the Executioner!

You’ll notice some new exercises (specifically the addition of a Tabata, which Chris explains here), so be sure to familiarize yourself with them first before attempting this workout. As the title states, this is an ADVANCED workout, so attempt only if you are confident you can perform all of these exercises with good form. With that said, proceed with caution and we promise you, after one round with the Executioner, you’ll be begging for mercy.

Have you gone up against the Executioner and lived to tell the tale? Share your results below!

From winning the his first Presidential Physical Fitness Award as a kid to involvement in school athletics such as football and track, Chris Fales ( was always a fitness enthusiast, even from a young age. Upon the completion of his tours in the Marines, Chris became certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. In January 2006, Chris launched Fitness2GO Personal Training, and since then, he has trained hundreds of folks who have benefited from his knowledge of exercise.