Short Circuits Part 3 – Getting The Most Out Of Your Training (On Busy Days) with Intentional, High Quality Workouts

This is the third article of a three part series aimed to maximize your workout with the minimal time we each have in our days with today’s demanding lifestyles.

If you missed Part 1 of this series, where we discussed the art of  ‘choosing wisely’ and the importance of exercise selection and sequences in yours or your clients workout, check it out here. Then in Part 2 we discussed tempo and weekly scheduling. 

The next step to consider when building your short circuits is to…

4) “Be Consistent, Not Heroic” 

Even the most highly motivated people have days when they don’t feel like exercising or when their calendar is particularly jam-packed. We feel you, but don’t skip these sessions! Instead, shorten your warm-up and use your first couple of sets on the Suspension Trainer to ease into your workout with full range of motion and low velocity in unloaded or lightly loaded movements. Once you get going, you’ll likely want to do more. If so, finish your planned exercises and then do some extra accessory exercises like bicep curls or Y-to-T flys, or some mobilizations that target the main muscle groups you just worked. The key is making sure you do something deliberate and high quality multiple days a week, even when you feel like doing nothing. As our good friend and co-creator of the TRX Duo Trainer Dr. Kelly Starrett often says, “Be consistent, not heroic.”

Try out this sample Short Circuit, and start implementing these principles today!

Forward Lunge w/ Y-Fly x 10 (alternating legs)

Squat Row x 10

Chest Press x 10 

Lateral Lunge x 10 (alternating sides)

PowerPull x 10 each arm

Atomic Push-up x 10

Hamstring Curl x 10

Side Plank 4x10s hold each side

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