Level Up Your Golf Swing With Tips From a Top Coach

You don’t need a spot on the PGA tour to get coaching from one of the top golf performance coaches in America. Trevor “TA” Anderson—TRX Master Instructor, TRX Training Club Coach, and long-time golf performance expert—is sharing some of his best tips in our TRX Training Club® On Demand TRX for Golf program. 

Learn how to use the TRX RIP Trainer™ and TRX Suspension Trainer™ to improve rotational power, build core strength, improve stability, and more, so you can drive the ball further and feel better on the course. Check out one of TA’s TRX for Golf workouts for free below, and activate your FREE 30-day trial to TRX Training Club for the full program.

While you’re working on your swing, don’t forget the tools you need for the ultimate TRX for Golf workout.

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