YBell Fitness Named Best in Test for Tech from Women’s Running Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that YBell Fitness has won a Women’s Running magazine award for the YBell Neo as the Best in Test in the Tech category. The YBells are featured in the Essential Kit section of the June 2021 issue. “Best in Test” is defined by the magazine as “brilliant performance from highly technical, stylish kit.”

The magazine’s editors and readers tested and rated a variety of shoes, apparel, and tech products for female runners as part of the selection process. YBell Neo was described as “a brilliant addition to your home gym.”

According to the reviewer, “This is so much easier to use than standard dumbbells due to the design, the way you can change how you grip it, and the way the weight sits in your hand as you use it. The beauty of it is that you’ve got everything you need for a runner’s strength workout right in your hands.”

Research has shown that strength training helps endurance runners use less energy and oxygen when they run. Additionally, increased upper body strength improves running economy, neuromuscular coordination, and overall power. In short, strength training helps runners to be more well-rounded athletes.

We’re proud that Women’s Running recognizes the benefits of functional training for runners and how the YBell Neo best facilitates this.

YBell Fitness is excited to continue supporting runners, exercisers, and the fitness industry with new, innovative offerings. We’re committed to being the One Piece of Equipment for Every Body, which is why we’re excited to share that the award-winning YBell Neo will be joined in 2021 by the YBell Arc Series and YBell Pro Series.

The Arc Series is our lighter line of YBells that complement boxing, Pilates, barre, yoga, and cycling. The neoprene-coated Arc Lite is 2.6 lb and the Arc is 5.5 lb, the perfect weight choices for those starting their strength training journey or for experienced athletes working on shoulder, wrist, and elbow recovery.

The Pro Series are commercial-grade for indoor and outdoor use and have the same award-winning design as the YBell Neo. They’re powder-coated and made with a heavy-duty casted iron ore frame. The Pros range in weight from 31 to 44 lb and are built to endure the harshest conditions from the toughest users.

Among the growing recognition for the YBell Neo are the Women’s Health 2021 Fitness Award, the Red Dot Design Award 2020, the iF Design Award 2020 for Design Excellence, the International Design Excellence Award 2019, and others.

Women’s Health 2021 Fitness Award — Best Free Weights

Red Dot Design Award 2020 — Product Design

iF Design Award 2020 for Design Excellence — Outdoor, Sports & Leisure category

International Design Excellence Awards 2019 — Gold Winner, and

Australian Good Design Awards 2019 — Best in Class, Sport & Lifestyle