TRX Functional Training Tools – Build Yourself your Dream Home Gym

Have you ever considered building a home gym?  Think your only option is to invest in a treadmill or spin bike that can be placed in the corner of your living room? 

The new line of TRX Functional Training Tools combined with the TRX Suspension Trainer provide a low cost and low space investment to bring you an endless variety of killer workouts to your home.


STEP 1- Choose the best TRX Suspension Trainer for you

STEP 2-  Couple that with some external weight(s) with either the TRX Medicine Ball, TRX Slam Ball and/or the TRX Kettlebells for an added challenge to almost any bodyweight exercise.

STEP 3- Mix in some conditioning exercises with the TRX Conditioning Rope- or challenge your favorite exercise with the added resistance of the TRX Strength Bands (also great for mobility exercises)

STEP 4– Finish your workout with some core work on the TRX Stability Ball or relax those tired muscles with some rolling on the TRX Foam Roller.

Select the TRX Functional Training Tools that best suit you- combine it with your TRX Suspension Trainer and you have yourself endless possibilities for workouts.

NOW Get Ready to Sweat.


Try out this below circuit, and then experiment on your own.

4 Exercises, 30 seconds Work, 30 seconds rest.

1)TRX Mountain Climbers

2)TRX Strength Band High Knees

3)TRX Conditioning Rope Alternating Waves

4)TRX Medicine Ball or TRX Slam Ball Slams

Repeat this circuit four times.

Finish this workout by using the TRX Foam Roller to roll through your calves, quads, glutes and back.


Make Your Body Your Machine with the TRX Suspension Trainer and any combination of the TRX Functional Training Tools to get a killer workout in the convenience of your home, on your own schedule.