TRX Foot Cradles and Keeping Your Foot From Slipping, Ask the Trainer

You’re powering through a set of TRX Atomic Push-ups when it happens. Your foot, not restricted to the confines of a shoe, slips through the foot cradles of your TRX Suspension Trainer, and you briefly lose focus (not to mention a few precious reps if you’re in a group TRX workout), as you stop and re-holster your errant foot.

With the rise in popularity of barefoot training as well as the rise in diverse populations on the TRX (youth and women with youthfully small feet), this is a question we’ve been asked on the TRX Community Forums: what can you do to keep your feet from slipping through the foot cradles when you’re doing ground-based exercises on the TRX, such as the TRX Incline Press and TRX Mountain Climbers? To help us with this request is TRX Master Trainer Lynne Virant. Watch as she demonstrates two exclusive insider tricks for preventing foot slippage in the TRX.

Lynne Virant is a TRX Master Trainer, an ACE-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor whose passion for health and fitness is as varied as her education and experience. She has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and in Allied Health as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Her experience in sports and fitness includes five marathons, climbing Mount Baker, tennis, golf, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and fitness competitions.