P-R-E-P for Life and Sport

BLOG HTML:Chris Nentarz, PT, TRX Senior Master InstructorTRX Training

In today’s world, we must be ready to handle what life may throw at us.  We must be prepared for not only what is in front of us, but we must be prepared to bounce back from our day to day challenges.  Readiness extends beyond our physical bodies and includes our mindset.  A proper warm-up is one of the most effective and efficient ways to prepare our minds and bodies.  

Next time you warm-up think: P-R-E-P.  Using the PREP acronym will optimize your time and give you a clear plan to get your body ready to perform on the field and in the game of life.

P- Prep your tissues

Prepping your tissue with foam rolling and active stretching.  Be intentional, focusing on areas that you will be using in your activities.  If running, a combination of foam rolling and stretching your calves and quads makes sense.  If sitting, working on your Thoracic spine can help prevent back or neck stiffness.

R- Ready your mind

Intentional breathwork and mental reps help our focus and promote clarity in our decision making.  This will help us be intellectually and emotionally prepared to perform our best.  

E- Excite your core

Core activation exercises decrease injury and improve performance.  Planks, bridges and other core exercises are a perfect fit in our warm-up routines.  Every joint in our body has its own core.  So, if performing upper body pushing, activate your rotator cuff and scapular muscles.  If sitting, activating your glutes will form a solid foundation for improved posture.  

P- Pattern your movement

Isolated mobility and activation exercises are a good start.  The final phase of warming up should include drills or exercises that integrate our bodies joints and look like the activity we are preparing for.  Running form drills are one example. These drills create movement efficiency and mimic the speed demands of activity.  While, explosive push ups prepare our bodies for heavy pressing.  

A warm-up is an investment that pays dividends over time.  For our bodies, they decrease our risk for injury, and enhance our ability to move.  For our mind, warm-up sessions remove excessive mental clutter and increase clarity in our focus.  Utilizing the P-R-E-P acronym will improve your readiness and prepare you to meet and beat the challenges sport or life may throw our way.

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