TRX Warm Up Exercises for Snow Sports

Shana Verstegen

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the #1 functional training tool that helps you do whatever you love wherever you love to do it.  Whether that be in the gym, on the tennis court, at the beach, or in this case, on the slopes.

A dynamic snow sport warm-up helps prepare the mind and body for a vigorous sport that can put a significant amount of stress on the body.  Improved circulation and elevated body temperature from a proper warm-up allows for better movement and reactivity while turning, carving, and jumping.  Most importantly for many, a great warm-up stretch before snow sports can help minimize the risk of injury and muscle soreness. 

So as tempting as it may be to head straight to the ski lift, do yourself a favor and hang up your TRX Suspension Trainer for this quick 5-minute warm-up.  

The Exercises:

Hang your straps in a safe location (ideally from an anchor that is 7-9 feet high) and adjust them to mid length. Complete each exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds (per side if applicable). 

TRX Standing Roll Out

This exercise for skiers is an essential. The TRX Standing Roll Out will train the brain how to safely engage the core and help establish proper alignment in the body. It’s a great chance to practice a forward lean and shin/boot contact in the ski boots.

Adjustment: Mid Length

Position: Standing Facing Away

Start: Begin in a strong plank position with hands directly beneath the shoulders.  Your angle shouldn’t be too steep, and boots should remain in contact with the ground.

Movement: Maintaining an active and aligned plank (no sagging!) roll hands to slightly above eyebrow height, pressing the front of your shins forward in your ski boots. 

Return: Pressing into the handles and bracing your core, return your hands to the starting position. 

TRX Frontal Leg Swings

Leg swings help improve mobility in the hips and the weight of the ski or snowboard boots can also create a little more “space” in the joint with a gentle bit of traction through the swing.

Adjustment: Mid Length

Position: Standing Facing

Start: Begin with hands about chest height, pressing down on the handles.  Center your right foot to the anchor and ground it, while lifting the left foot slightly in front.

Movement: With control, swing the left leg side to side, letting it hang and relax while moving.  Begin with a lower swing and gradually increase the height as appropriate.

Return: Gently place the left leg down, center it, and repeat on the other side.

TRX Squat to Row Combo

With mobility required at the hips, knees and ankles squatting is a gold standard warm-up exercise.  Paired with a TRX Row to improve posture and engage behind the shoulder blades, this warm-up move can’t be beat.

Adjustment: Mid Length

Position: Standing Facing

Start: Begin leaning back at an easy to medium angle and dig the heels of your boots into the ground. 

Movement: While leaning back, bend at the knees and hips into a squat, lowering as close to the ground as your mobility will allow.

Return: Press back into the plank, and complete a TRX Row, with a long posture and engagement behind the shoulder blades.

TRX Single Leg Hip Hinge

The single leg hip hinge with the TRX does it all: core engagement while pressing on the straps, single leg unilateral balance and mobility, and a firing up of the posterior chain: muscles that will help protect your knees while changing directions at high speeds.

Adjustment: Mid Length

Position: Standing Facing

Start: Begin with hands about chest height, pressing down on the handles.  Center your right foot to the anchor and ground it, while lifting the left foot behind.

Movement: With hips square to the ground, press forward and downward on the handles while simultaneously elevating the left leg.  The body should remain in a straight line from ears, shoulders, hips, to back heel throughout the entire movement.

Return: Lower the left leg back close to the ground, but not quite touching, and repeat.

TRX Lateral Lunges

Stretching and engaging the muscles on the inside and outside of both hips will help with safe and reactive turns.

Adjustment: Mid Length

Position: Standing Facing

Start: Begin with legs in a wide stance, and boots pointed directly forward.

Movement: Bend the right knee and sink the right hip back.  Avoid leaning backward on the straps or letting the right knee or toe turn sideways. 

Return: Pressing into the ground, come back to a stand and repeat on the other side.  

Just as important as a warm-up is cooling down at the end of your day of snow sports.  A significant amount of acid and metabolic waste develops in your legs, especially at altitude which can lead to increased muscle soreness, decreased flexibility, and longer recovery times after a ski or board session.   When you get back to the lodge, consider hanging your Suspension Trainer near the fire and spending at least 10 – 20 minutes with basic stretches or a TRX Yoga Flow with a focus on your quads, low back, glutes, and calves.  This will help decrease muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and help you get back on the slopes quicker!

So don’t forget to bring your straps on your next trip to the slopes because, as always, TRX will help you MOVE better for snow sports and most importantly, life.