TRX Triceps Press

Looking to add power to your swimming stroke, or maybe create greater drive in your golf swing?  Peak tricep conditioning requires isolating this muscle group to generate greater strength through movements like the Tricep Press.  Traditionally, the movement was difficult to practice without the use of dumbells or kettlebells.   In this video, Fraser Quelch, TRX Director of Training and Development, unlocks how you can perform a perfect tricep press anytime and anywhere through the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer.  Fraser guides you on how to approach a TRX Tricep Press from the easiest vector-point anyone can start with to progressing the exercise to its most challenging expression. No doubt, this short tutorial is a must-see for anybody looking to boost their arm strength while engaging the core to generate greater stability.  The TRX Tricep Press is a perfect compliment to a well-balanced strength training regimen.   Fraser Quelch is Director of Training and Development for TRX. He is also a featured fitness author and a competitive ironman triathlete.