TRX for Golf: RIP Backswing Hold (with squat)

To achieve your best golf game, you must maintain a certain level of baseline strength to deliver a strong and controlled backswing all the way through impact.  In this tutorial featuring TRX Master Instructor and Golf Performance Expert Trevor Anderson, you will learn how the TRX Rip Trainer can be used to train yourself to stay firmly connected to the ground as you rotate from backswing to downswing. Holding the Rip Trainer at the top of your backswing as you work against the resistance of the Rip Cord, builds the strength and force necessary to transition the club to your downswing and drive the ball further.  By developing a strong lower body connection, you stay stable, get mobile, and squat through a range of motion with control.  Doing so ultimately empowers you to hit the ball further and with greater consistency.   Watch the golf video above and learn how you can train to build the lower body strength necessary to win every game!         

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