New Product Release: FITBENCH YBell

OCONOMOWOC, WI AND BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Sept. 28, 2021 – Focused on fitness product innovation, exercise versatility, and space-saving opportunities, FITBENCH and YBell Fitness have developed the latest, all-in-one workout solution: the FITBENCH YBell.

The FITBENCH YBell (bench) combines FITBENCH’s industry-leading compact and functional workout bench with YBell Fitness’ patented, one-of-a-kind, 4-in-1 fitness tools and is positioned to become the preferred solution for fitness clubs and studios.

FITBENCH was born when founder and CEO, Tyler Danen, recognized the opportunity to address the challenges that fitness club members face when trying to use equipment in high-intensity classes. FITBENCH’s answer was an all-in-one, modular training system equipped with a multi-level elevation arm for both decline and incline movements, 360-degree wheeled mobility, and space to neatly store fitness accessories, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, FITBANDS, and now, YBell Neos.

YBell Fitness was founded by veteran Australian fitness trainer Aaron “Az” Laurence, and professional industrial designer, Michael “Hop” Hoppe. The patented YBell is a 4-in-1 handheld training tool that emulates a dumbbell, kettlebell, dual-grip medicine ball, and push-up stand for people of all abilities.

“As we have grown our specialty business over the past few years, we have searched for new products that are as best-in-class and innovative as FITBENCH,” said Tyler Danen, CEO of FITBENCH. “YBell Fitness’ game-changing products were exactly what we were looking for.”

The FITBENCH YBell has the complete 10-piece YBell Neo Series of non-slip, non-rust, neoprene-covered YBells with weights ranging from 10 to 27 pounds and a set of snap-proof, nylon-covered FITBANDS. The bench itself offers 11 FITBAND anchor points, an 8-position incline bench with a durable padded surface, and locking wheels for ease of mobility.

“FITBENCH offers an exciting line of high-quality products,” said Mark Livingston, vice president, worldwide sales & marketing, YBell Fitness. “In joining forces, we are able to provide a new workout concept that allows us both to bring our customers a smart and innovative solution for their members.”

The FITBENCH YBell is sold with all products included and can be purchased directly via and here at TRX Training or through select international distributors, U.S. dealers, and specialty fitness retailers. For club and studio select pricing, contact us here.