TRX for Yoga: TRX Dancer

The TRX Suspension Trainer provides an excellent tool to scale, complement and improve your yoga practice. We’ve partnered with yoga and fitness instructor, and Under Armour Athlete Shauna Harrison to show you how to incorporate the straps into your yoga.  The Dancer Pose (Lord of the Dance Pose) is an elegant pose that requires balance and flexibility.  Let the TRX Suspension Trainer assist you with your balance as you use the straps to go deeper into the pose and increase your flexibility.  Following this sequence will transform you into a graceful dancer in no time. Progression 1Adjust your straps to mid-length, and begin this progression (TRX Low Lunge) facing away from your anchor point.  Place one foot into the foot cradle with the knee on the floor.  The opposite foot should be placed in front of you with your knee bent.  Carefully place your hands onto the front thigh, and adjust the hips so they face forward.  Alignment here is key.  If available, you can bend the back knee and reach the same hand back to grab either the straps or the handle.  To come out of the pose, carefully release the straps and take the suspended foot out of the foot cradles.   Progression 2In this progression, place yourself so you are standing in front of the straps with one foot into both foot cradles.  Bend the back knee and reach the same hand for the straps.  Keep the chest lifted and try not to dump all the weight forward. Use the straps to continue lifting the foot up.  Grab the handles to deepen the stretch.  Reach the opposite hand forward.  To release, carefully return the foot down and remove it from the foot cradles.   Progression 3From progression 2, reach back with the opposite hand to grab onto the straps.  Place your hands along the straps so that they are right next to each other.  As you ground through the standing leg, begin to walk the hands down closer to the foot as your flexibility allows.  Press the foot into the straps as you create strap-tension by pulling with the hands either in the handles or further up on the straps.  Maintain a lifted chest.  To unwind, carefully return the foot down to the earth and remove it from the foot cradles.  Use the hands on the straps to assist if necessary.

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